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Zero for the Young Dudes

by Alistair McDowell

Zero for the Young Dudes by Alistair McDowell was presented as part of a double-bill (with The Sewing Group) by the 3rd Year BA Acting graduating cohort at Arts Ed in October 2019. 

I am fascinated by the UK's current pre-occupation with 'Bisto' nostalgia for a (largely imagined)  'good old days' and the role that this played in Brexit and the rise of right wing ideology and politics. With this in mind, I reimagined the play set in the late 2020's having followed a fictional historical timeline from 2016, through leaving the EU, the global rise of the Far Right, and a civil war resulting in a globally marginalised UK in the full grip of authoritarian & populist politics.

Set & Costume Design: Elin Steele
Lighting Design: Martha Godfrey
Sound Design: Ben White

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