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My debut short film, 'TWITCHING' had a successful festival run in 2022/23, with selections for BAFTA and BIFA qualifying festivals. 

It won the Audience Choice for Best UK Film at Poppy Jasper International Film Festival in California in 2023.


When Ella, an overworked Phd student & full-time carer discovers that her internet date, the recently bereaved Mark, sleeps in a giant bird’s nest, made of clothes, she must choose whether to stay in her own comfort zone, or take part in his unconventional grieving process.

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For Good or Ill, rain shall come

This folk horror short, written by actor/writer Eve Carson, tells the story of May, a young woman living in rural England in 1660. May frustrates her friends and family by insisting on doing things her way, and not what is expected of a young woman of marriageable age. When a charismatic Witchfinder comes to the village and women begin to be rounded up, May is falsely accused of being a witch herself. While locked up with the other women, she begins to realise that maybe she does have powers after all. 

Shot on location in Kent, England in September 2022, For Good or Ill received its world premiere at British Council recommended Cornwall Film Festival 2023

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